An Epic Poem

One of the neat things about the set-up that wordpress has, is I can check how many people look at this blog on a daily basis. What I love even more, is that i can actually look at the what your typing into your search engines to get here. I started to notice there were some intresting phrases being used. I started to save them over the past few months and have created a little “poem” as a little experiment. I hope you enjoy it, as it is written by Mythblogogy users, for Mythblogogy users…

Hungry mythological gods,

Candies named after greek gods,

Satanic Lilith,

Faust witch,

Naked goddess,

Aegina: nymph-like daughter of river god asopus,

Boulder down the hill hell,

Faust wine cellar,

Raven on a bottle of wine,

The beggar and the faithful dog Odyssey,

Evil ship captain,

King midas has asses ears,

The joker original,

Harold Godwinson with an arrow in his eye,

Shadow pushing boulder,

Bearded bacchus,

Bugs bunny and the gremlin,

Famous norwegian pirates,

A guy pushing a rock up a hill,

Eagle with broken shackles,

Odysseus disguised as a beggar,

I‘m Sisyphus,

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